Roof Tile Management – A Passion for Heritage Building Restoration

Heritage building restoration
Heritage building restoration

Roof Tile Management – A Passion for Heritage Building Restoration

Preserving the past for future generations is what heritage building restoration is all about. At RTM Roofing, the quality of our work, and the expertise of our craftspeople sets us apart. From our nation to our neighbourhoods, heritage buildings serve as iconic landmarks and national symbols that must be properly preserved to last for decades to come. Whether you need roof tile repair or historic masonry restoration and cleaning, interior plaster or wood restoration, you can count on Roof Tile Management to restore your heritage building to its former glory.

Building Restoration – Interior Restorations

Most people enjoy our work from the exterior. They see the end results of our roof tile repair or our efforts to restore old masonry.

Our interior work shines too! From the delicate details of fine plaster restoration to the intricate carvings on custom wood pieces, we have skilled teams dedicated to doing the job right. To restore the pleasing finish to your plaster, you need people who know the material, the methods, and the expertise to repair the interior and ensure the problems don’t return any time soon.

You also need a team that is sensitive to the fact that they’re working in your home or workplace, and you want to make sure they cause as little disruption as possible.

When we worked on the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ontario, we worked closely with government representatives to ensure that the important work of Parliament could proceed while we were restoring the interior and exterior of the building. If we could be trusted to work on a building of such national importance and cultural sensitivity, you can count on us to bring that same level of service to your project.

RTM Roofing – Roof Restoration Service

At Roof Tile Management, we are experts in roof tile repair. We have worked on buildings with many different types of specialty roofing materials. Clay and ceramic tile roofing, stately slate, warm organic cedar shakes – we’ve seen and restored it all.

We have a complete in-house metal workshop where we use modern equipment, heritage equipment, and even handmade equipment to fabricate custom metal pieces for roof restoration projects. We can handle almost any kind of metal roofing, including sheet metal, lead coated copper, copper, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum.

You will be amazed at the skill and knowledge our senior staff members bring to your project.

Historic Masonry Restoration

In addition to roof tile repair, historic masonry restoration is a key component of any building restoration project. Roof Tile Management has worked on many masonry projects, both large and small.

For example, our work on Queen’s Park, Ontario’s Legislative Building in Toronto, Ontario featured complete exterior masonry restoration, including replacing the wood windows and lead flashings. In Thunder Bay, we worked on the landmark James Whalen Building including a complete exterior renovation, involving Jahn mortar castings, repairs & replacement of the building’s terra cotta, and restoration of its masonry and lead flashings. The building is built in the style of a Chicago skyscraper, presenting unique challenges for our scaffolding team.

When presented with a challenge, we see it as an opportunity to deliver excellence, and show our expertise. There is almost no problem too big for Roof Tile Management. As we always say, virtually anything is possible!

Our Approach to Heritage Building Restoration Delivers Results

Our approach is simple. We believe in bringing together the best craftspeople, giving them the tools to do the job, and counting on them to deliver exceptional work. No general contractor can bring the same level of experience to the job. We have been in the heritage restoration business for more than 30 years, and many of our craftspeople have been with us since the beginning. It’s a priceless amount of experience under one roof.

If you are interested in finding out what Roof Tile Management can do for you, contact us to discuss your heritage building restoration project today.

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