Choosing the Right Roofing Material

Specialty Commercial Roofing - Completed commercial roof restoration at St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Stratford, Ontario
Specialty Commercial Roofing - Completed commercial roof restoration at St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Stratford, Ontario

Choosing the Right Roofing Material

Roof Tile Management is a roof restoration company that offers heritage restoration services and general building rehabilitation. A roof protects a building from harsh elements like rain and snow and supports the walls of a building. Unfortunately, over time a roof can be impacted by these elements and ageing in general. 

If your roof needs repairs, you’ll want to consider the type of material to get the job done. Metal or aluminum roofs are durable and can last a long time. In addition, this material is an environmentally friendly option compared to standard asphalt. This style of roof is also very modern and stylish! If you’re looking for trendy roof material, consider going with aluminum. 

The Importance of Restoring Heritage Buildings 

The craft of heritage building restoration is one that Roof Tile Management has excelled in since 1986. From churches to residential buildings, we work hard to recreate building profiles and designs. Heritage buildings share a piece of history in their community. Likewise,  we work to enhance already beautiful buildings by accentuating their original qualities. Over time buildings age; however, heritage buildings are worth preserving! As a result, we offer a variety of interior and exterior services. Interior services include structural stabilization, plasterwork, framing and drywall, plumbing, electrical, finished painting hardware. Our exterior services range from masonry and stonework to metal-clad window restoration. Regardless of the service chosen, we deliver quality results. Contact us today at 289-797-1258 for your heritage restoration needs! We can’t wait to get started. 

Roof Tiles

If you’re looking to restore your residential or commercial roof, Roof Tile Management offers this service. We take heritage building restoration very seriously, which is why we offer a variety of services and have been operating for 35 years! For example, depending on the type of building, you might be considering ceramic or slate roof tiles. There are many pros of tile roofing. For example, this material is very durable, visually pleasing and works well in hot weather conditions. In addition, they require low maintenance. There are many colours to choose from, and we can work with you to match your existing shade! Both options are eco-friendly and prove to be great options for restoring a building. 

Metal Clad Window Restoration

We offer custom wood and metal-clad window restoration! Clad windows feature a wooden frame and exterior cladding of metal. This combination is very durable, which is why it’s a part of many heritage buildings. Likewise, choosing durable materials is a primary aspect of restoring a building. We often replace a single pane glass with a thermal pane which helps maintain the temperature of the building. For example, these types of windows help prevent the summer heat from entering. Our goal is to recreate the original profile while enhancing the design elements. 

What is Masonry Restoration? 

Masonry includes the process of building a structure using single elements such as stone, brick, terra cotta, and concrete.  In addition, exterior elements like stone are popular features among heritage sites. Churches in particular often feature stone on the building exterior. This craft is a technique essential to preserving the exterior of a heritage building. As one of the oldest construction techniques, it makes sense to be the technique used for restoration.

At Roof Tile Management, we cover many aspects of masonry including, facade retention, dismantle and rebuild, roman stone (cast stone) reproduction and installation, injection grout systems (lime, cement and resin-based grouts) and more! To learn more about how we can help with your restoration project, contact us today at 289-797-1258! We look forward to working on your building restoration! 

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