Roof Tile Management: Experts in Heritage Building Restoration since 1986

Building restoration: Close-up of detailed masonry restoration at St.Augustine's Seminary in Toronto, Ontario
Building restoration: Close-up of detailed masonry restoration at St.Augustine's Seminary in Toronto, Ontario

Roof Tile Management: Experts in Heritage Building Restoration since 1986

Building restoration experts: For over 35 years, the experts at Roof Tile Management have restored some of Canada’s most iconic heritage buildings and historic homes in Canada. From heritage masonry restoration to roofing tiles and stunning interiors, RTM brings historic buildings back to life. We want generations ahead of us to enjoy these buildings for years to come.

Historic Masonry Restoration

Despite our name, Roof Tile Management does a lot more than heritage roofing. We are also experts in exterior heritage restoration services, including heritage masonry restoration. We have worked on a variety of building restoration projects, both large and small. For example, in 2018, RTM roofing completed a massive restoration of St. Peter’s historic church and rectory in Toronto, Ontario. The job included replacement of slate roofing and repointing of the historic masonry.

Another project where RTM Roofing restored old masonry was the Our Lady of Mercy Church in Sarnia, Ontario. The church dates back to the 1860s. We deployed our masonry, sheet metal and carpentry teams to the site for a multi-year, multi-phase building restoration project. The centrepiece was the yellow bricks, which had been manufactured in local brickyards dating back to the 1860s. The bricks were preserved, and the masonry repointed, restoring the beautiful historic church for succeeding generations to enjoy.

Heritage Masonry – The Fascia is Only the Beginning

Beautiful brick and stone are just the start of the heritage masonry work. The construction material and building techniques are also important for fire resistance, water resistance, sound control and protection against the elements.

Heritage masons need to be familiar working with a wide variety of materials, including brick, stone (particularly sandstone and limestone), cast stone, cement, stucco and terra-cotta. Many of these materials were originally sourced locally in quarries long closed. This makes matching the material a difficult task.

The mortar used between the stone and brickwork is equally critical. If it doesn’t match the original materials, you will see a difference between the old mortar and the new. More critically, if the mortar material doesn’t match the original, it could cause damage to the rest of the exterior.

RTM Roofing: Heritage Building Restoration Experts

Experienced craftsmanship, custom solutions. That’s what Roof Tile Management has to offer. We have seasoned craftspeople and the on-site equipment to take on virtually any heritage restoration job.

Accomplished carpenters working in our extensive woodworking shop can replicate both heritage and non-heritage wood profiles. We rebuild window casings, wooden doors and frames, window sashes and complex wooden trim to match the properties of the heritage buildings and homes.

RTM Roofing experts specialize in commercial and residential roofing like clay and concrete tile, slate and asphalt shingles. In addition to repairing clay tile, slate, composite and cedar shingles, we complete trough and downspout repairs. This protects the building from further damage from heavy rainfall.

Building restoration is at it’s best when your custom sheet metal team joins in. They handle almost every type of metal including copper, sheet metal, lead coated copper, zine, stainless steel and aluminum. Over the years they’ve replicated original pieces using modern, heritage and even handmade equipment.

Plaster restoration is another RTM Roofing speciality. Plaster is the ideal material for many artisans. It can be cast into almost any shape you can imagine. When well-mixed, it’s strong and durable. Our experts analyze the type of plaster needed for the building restoration job, and mix the right materials in the right quantities to match the original finish.

Building Restoration: Roofing Tiles 

To many, the roof is what makes a historic building so iconic. In a crowded city, the roof may be seen towering above other homes and properties. In the country, a beautiful steeple or gabled roof might be a landmark for navigation.

Roofing restoration projects are critical to maintaining the beauty and longevity of a heritage building. Each building restoration project is handled with care. We work with a variety of roofing materials to restore the soaring rooftops to their former glory.

When you are looking for the building restoration experts, contact Roof Tile Management at 289-216-5067.

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