For your Heritage Building Restoration, Choose Roof Tile Management

Heritage building restoration
Heritage building restoration

For your Heritage Building Restoration, Choose Roof Tile Management

At Roof Tile Management, we’re about more than just roof tiles. We offer complete exterior and interior heritage building restoration services including plaster restoration, woodworking, window and door restoration, masonry restoration, metalworking, and, of course, roof restoration services. As our specialty, we repair and restore roofing including ceramic and clay tiles and metal roofing at heritage sites in Toronto, across Canada, and beyond.

Restoring our Past…Protecting our Future

Heritage buildings are a part of our past and our future. When restored properly, these buildings can remain a cherished part of our lives for years to come. As a leading heritage restoration company, we’ve had the opportunity to work on iconic historic sites in Canada. While each project involves different teams, materials and timelines, the goal is always the same. We’re committed to restoring and enhancing elements of cultural buildings. Whatever services you require, we deliver! Contact us today at 289-797-1258 for your heritage restoration needs. We can’t wait to get started.

Roof Restoration – Choosing the Right Roofing Material

Striking rooftops can be the first thing you notice about a heritage building. Each rooftop is distinctive; the size, shape and slope of the roof create the building silhouette, while the roofing materials contribute texture and pattern. Like any repair or restoration on a heritage building, roofing must be considered as part of the whole, and when repairing or restoring, you must respect other building design elements like windows, doors and masonry.

Roofing is the foundation upon which Roof Tile Management was built. Over the past 35 years we’ve successfully completed hundreds of roofing projects spanning a wide range of building styles, including commercial projects, government buildings, schools, institutions and heritage residential homes in Toronto, across Canada and beyond. As one of Canada’s leading exterior heritage restoration contractors, we repair or restore speciality residential roofing systems or commercial roofing with materials like natural slate, composite, cedar shingles, clay tiles, ceramic roofing and more. In addition, our experienced team of sheet metal workers handle every type of metal including sheet metal, copper, lead coated copper, lead, zinc, stainless steel, pre-finished steel, and aluminum. We also offer trough and downspout repairs, brick and stone restoration, heritage wood window restoration, and much more.

Replacing Clay Tile Roofing in Toronto

Many historical homes in Toronto feature clay or ceramic roofing tiles.These uniquely-shaped and beautifully-coloured tiles give a sense of character and prestige to the heritage building. Roof Tile Management has worked on a variety of heritage restoration projects to preserve the look of these distinctive sites, expertly replacing or repairing the roofing material, matching the custom clay tiles that make the roofing such a memorable aspect of these heritage homes.

Heritage Masonry Work, Windows and Doors

Roof Tile Management offers a full range of heritage restoration and conservation services covering different aspects of heritage masonry including façade retention, dismantling and rebuilding, masonry conservation, cast stone reproduction and masonry, and mortar cleaning and repair. With all our projects, our goal is to preserve the unique look and feel of a heritage building while ensuring the charm lasts for years to come.

Interior Restorations – plaster, wood and more

Roof Tile Management boasts a team of highly skilled experts experienced in plaster restoration, custom fabrication, plaster repair and conservation. In addition, our accomplished in-house carpenters have years of experience replicating both heritage and non-heritage wood profiles. In our extensive in-house woodworking shop, we can reproduce the heritage profiles of interior elements by identifying the right materials, and carefully hand-replicating their appearance.

At Roof Tile Management, we are continuously expanding and evolving our services and capabilities. And we want to work with you! Whether small scale or large scale, commercial or residential, choose Roof Tile Management for your heritage restoration project. With our in-house experts, and access to a huge pool of skilled vendors and trades, virtually anything is possible when you work with Roof Tile Management. Contact Roof Tile Management today to discuss your heritage restoration project.

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