Natural Slate Tile for your Heritage Building Roof

RTM roofing - Natural slate tile roofing
RTM roofing - Natural slate tile roofing

Natural Slate Tile for your Heritage Building Roof

Natural Slate Tile

Of all the heritage building roofing materials, natural slate tile is one the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing. You will find natural slate tile on many grand historic buildings, especially government buildings and churches. You’ll also find natural slate tile on many historic homes. Natural slate tile can be expensive, but the investment pays off in the end. Slate is low-maintenance, and is both fire and frost resistant. Natural slate tile is also extremely energy efficient.

If you need a roofing repair for your heritage building roof, Roof Tile Management expertly restores and repairs natural slate tile. We select material to match your original roofing, and hand-craft slate shingles to fit the area that needs repair. Contact us today – our team at RTM roofing will assess your building and provide expert advice, plus the experience you need to restore your heritage building roof to its full glory. View one of our examples of natural slate tile restoration here.

Roofing Repair or Restoration: Metal Roofing

Like natural slate tile, metal roofing is long-lasting and durable. When you think of metal roofing, you might imagine soaring copper roofing on churches and heritage government buildings. At RTM roofing, we work with a lot more metal roofing materials than just copper. Experts work in our dedicated fabrication shop with everything from copper, sheet metal, lead, stainless steel, pre-finished steel, lead-coated copper and aluminum. They create custom metal roofing shapes to replicate original pieces that need repair.

Metal roofing, like natural slate tile, is attractive and easy to maintain. They’re also fire-resistant and energy efficient and easily shed rain and snow.

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Clay or ceramic roof tiles come in a variety of shapes, textures, and colours. Ceramic roof tiles make beautifully distinctive and decorative roofs. When a roofing repair is needed on buildings with ceramic roof tiles, rtm roofing experts take extra care to match the colour and unique shaping of the tiles. Ceramic roof tiles can be fragile. When performing a tile restoration, special care needs to be taken to ensure the material both matches the original colour and that existing tiles are cracked during the restoration process.

Although durable, ceramic roof tiles do not last as long as natural slate tile. The life expectancy of ceramic roof tiles is about 50 to 80 years, as opposed to over a hundred years for natural slate tile.

Planning Your Roofing Repair

Call in the RTM roofing experts to help you plan your roofing repair. We have experience working on some of Canada’s most iconic buildings as well as many residential homes. Our approach to roofing repair and tile restoration is simple: bring together expert crafts people, provide them with the tools to perform the job, and let their expertise shine.

Whether We provide best-in-class planning and project management to ensure we deliver exceptional value to all our clients.

At Roof Tile Management, We Work on More than Roofing Repairs and Restoration

While roofing is in our name, and we love to work on a beautiful heritage building roof, we also restore heritage building interiors.

Plaster Restoration

Plaster restoration is a Roof Tile Management speciality. Over the past 30 years, RTM has developed a team of experts in plaster restoration. We restore plaster on walls, as well as the fine details of ornamental plaster, we know the business inside out.

When restoring plaster, we ensure materials are mixed for durability and colour match to the original material.

For Roofing Repair or Plaster Restoration, Contact Roof Tile Management

Whether you need work on your heritage building roof, or want plaster restoration for your interiors, call the experts at Roof Tile Management. We have worked on many of Canada’s most treasured historical sites, and our award-winning work has been recognized in many places.

We want to bring our expertise to your commercial or residential heritage restoration project. To learn more, contact Roof Tile Management today.

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