Contact Roof Tile Management – Restoring Heritage Buildings in Toronto, across Canada and Beyond for 35+ years

Heritage roofing Repair - Roof Tile Management
Heritage roofing Repair - Roof Tile Management

Contact Roof Tile Management – Restoring Heritage Buildings in Toronto, across Canada and Beyond for 35+ years

Roof Tile Management has been growing the roof tile market in the Greater Toronto Area and South-Western Ontario and beyond. While we specialize in roofing – including clay tiles, metal roofing, and ceramic roofing – our work also includes restoring heritage buildings, exterior masonry, interior plaster restoration and woodworking. Every heritage restoration job is unique. At Roof Tile Management, we embrace each project and deliver exceptional results. Looking to protect, repair and restore your residential or commercial heritage building? Contact Roof Tile Management to learn more!

Heritage Roof Restoration – Starting at the top is the foundation of our business

Roofing is the foundation upon which Roof Tile Management was built. We have successfully restored hundreds of roofs spanning a range of materials including slate, clay and ceramic tiles, metal roofing and more. RTM’s team of roofing experts have worked on many types of heritage restoration projects, including government buildings, schools, institutions and heritage residential homes. As a building’s first defense against the weather, roofing must stand up to extreme elements such as the harsh heat of the sun, freezing winter snows, strong winds, hail, heavy rainfall and even lightning. As a result, the roof is typically the first part of any building that needs restoring or replacement. Want to know more about our projects? See examples of Our Work over the years.

Clay and Ceramic Roofing Tiles, Slate Shingles and Metal Roofing

Because of the variety of shapes, colours and textures, tiles can be a distinctive and decorative roofing material. Terra cotta clay, concrete or ceramic tile roofing requires expertise to match the look and style of the heritage building.

Slate adds a striking and stately appearance to residential homes, government buildings or churches. Natural slate is a versatile roofing material, offering exceptional fire and frost resistance, energy efficiency and low water absorption. RTM experts work with both natural and synthetic slate to restore the striking appearance and exceptional functionality of slate roofs. Although hand-crafted slate shingles can be expensive to repair and replace, the rewards when they are properly restored can last a lifetime or longer.

From the burnished reds of copper roofing to the shiny surfaces of steel and aluminum, skilled metal fabricators at Roof Tile Management work with every type of metal, including sheet metal, copper, lead coated copper, lead, zinc, stainless steel, pre-finished steel, and aluminum. In our dedicated fabrication shop, we use modern and heritage equipment, and sometimes even handmade equipment, to replicate original pieces that need replacement or repair.

Plaster Repair and Restoration

Plaster can be a sticky material to work with. Although routine maintenance can look like a straightforward job, damage can easily occur as a result of inappropriate conservation efforts. Traditional plaster application requires much skill and dedication. From mixing the material to apply and finishing, an expert plasterer needs patience and skill to reproduce the look and feel of the heritage interior. Working on ornamental decorative plaster, often used on ceilings and cornices, requires special skill. Any repair greater than a small crack or pit should be addressed by a professional to ensure the unique heritage profile of the plaster is maintained.

At Roof Tile Management, our work goes beyond roofing. We offer a complete range of exterior and interior heritage restoration services, and we are continuously expanding and evolving our capabilities. With many large-scale heritage restoration jobs under our belt, Roof Tile Management offers a full suite of project management and heritage construction services. Plus, with a huge pool of skilled vendors and trades at our fingertips to assist our team of expert restorers, when working with Roof Top Management virtually anything is possible.

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