Roofing Options from Roof Tile Management

Close-up of a stained glass window
Close-up of a stained glass window

Roofing Options from Roof Tile Management

There are many benefits to restoring your roof! For example, this can add value to your building and enhance its overall appearance. Over time, weather and time included can wear your roof. A roof supports all aspects of a building which is why restoration should be a priority.

There are many materials to choose from including metal or aluminum! An aluminum roof is a modern option for exterior improvement. For example, many people opt for metal roofs due to their long lifespan. As a result, this material is often a top option for commercial and residential buildings. At Roof Tile Management, we offer a variety of specialty roofing systems. Call us to learn more!

Heritage Building Restoration Company 

Roof Tile Management has 35 years of experience in the roof tile market. In addition, it’s one of Canada’s leading interior and exterior heritage restoration services companies. We offer a variety of commercial building services and residential services. For example, we provide woodwork, commercial and residential roofing, custom metalwork, and so much more. Through structure and design enhancements, we’re committed to preserving the charm in heritage buildings.

Ceramic or Slate Tiles

At Roof Tile Management, we’ll enhance your building’s natural profile, making it look new again. This process can include interior and exterior improvements. For example, exterior projects include roof restoration. 

If you’re looking to restore your roof, perhaps you’re debating between ceramic or slate tiles. Slate is a natural stone product often chosen for heritage restoration projects. However, ceramic tiles are another popular choice. This option includes materials such as terra cotta, which is durable and visually pleasing. Both options have a long lifespan, proving to be excellent choices for your restoration project. We are a roof restoration company offering many additional services! If you’re looking to restore your roof, contact our team today.

Window Restoration 

Windows are a notable element of any heritage building. It’s often one of the first features that people notice. Likewise, they’re one key element to consider restoring when the time comes. At Roof Tile Management, we have over 30 years of custom wood and metal-clad window restoration. We often replace a single pane of glass with a thermal option due to the benefits of thermal glass. If it’s time to restore your building’s windows, contact us today at 289-797-1258.

One of Construction’s Oldest Techniques

Masonry has been used for hundreds of years and is one of our techniques for building restoration. Materials used in masonry can include terra cotta, stone, brick and more. Likewise, these materials make up many exteriors of heritage buildings, which is why they remain a top restoration choice today.

In addition, this technique offers protection against rotting, making it a top choice for heritage sites. Due to its rustic nature, this craft proves to be a top choice for creating that historic appearance. Another benefit includes durability and lifespan – two priority aspects for these types of buildings. This technique enhances any building’s charm! For more information, contact Roof Tile Management.

Searching For a Roof Restoration Company?

Since 1986, Roof Tile Management has been restoring both commercial and residential roofs in Canada. Some of our specialty roofing systems include natural slate, composite, clay tile and cedar. If you’re looking for experts to improve your building’s roof, reach out to the team at Roof Tile Management. In addition to roofing services, we also offer trough and downspout repairs, brick and stone restoration and much more. We have experience working on iconic government buildings, churches, theatres, commercial buildings and more! With 35 years of experience, you’re in great hands with our team of professionals.

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