Roofing Repair: Heritage Building Roof

Holy Trinity Russian Church completed roof dome in Toronto, Ontario - Heritage building roof
Holy Trinity Russian Church completed roof dome in Toronto, Ontario - Heritage building roof

Roofing Repair: Heritage Building Roof

Heritage Building Roof

Working on a heritage building roof requires expertise and an attention to detail. At Roof Tile Management, we cherish the role heritage buildings play in our lives and want to ensure they remain a cherished part of our neighbourhoods. While we specialize in both interior and exterior heritage renovations, roofing repair on a heritage building roof is an expertise we have worked hard to develop. Whether the heritage building roof has natural slate tile, metal roofing, or ceramic roof tiles, we can work all types of roof tile restoration and repair.

Get started on your heritage building roof project today by contacting Roof Tile Management. We work on projects in the GTA, Southern Ontario and across Canada.

Heritage Building Roofs – the Crowning Top of Local Landmarks

Heritage buildings have enormous historical and cultural value. And a heritage building roof is what many notice first. Heritage buildings are landmarks, and the sense of culture they inspire binds generations together.

That’s why the restoration of heritage building roofs is so important.

A roof does not stand alone. Like any repair or restoration, a heritage building roof must be considered in relation to all the building design elements like masonry, windows and doors. We approach restoration of heritage building roofs with care and concern for the building as a whole.

Artificial and Natural Slate Tile

Natural slate tile is made from a naturally-occurring rock known as metamorphic rock. You’ll find natural slate tile roofing on many commercial and residential heritage building roofs. When approaching a roofing repair, we love to work with natural slate tile. However, some RTM roofing projects involve the use of artificial or synthetic slate.

Artificial and natural slate tile materials differ in composition and appearance, but both are dependable materials for your roofing repair. Cost is one reason you may choose to go with synthetic vs. natural slate tile for your roofing repair project.

RTM roofing experts specialize in both artificial and natural slate tile, so you can count on us for your roofing repair.

Metal roofing

What about metal roofing? Whether your heritage building roof is made of copper, lead, sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-finished steel, or lead-coated copper, RTM fabrication experts can cut and size almost any metal roofing material to spec.

Our skilled fabricators have access to modern equipment and techniques, and also employ heritage or even hand-made equipment to replicate original roofing pieces or even improve original designs.

Like natural slate tile, metal roofing is attractive and with little maintenance required.

Ceramic Roof Tiles

When you’re talking about heritage roofing, there’s few materials more heritage than ceramic roof tiles. Clay or ceramic roofing tiles date back to prehistoric times. The material to make clay was abundant, and tiles could easily be formed by hand.

Of course, the process to create and shape ceramic roof tiles has evolved over the centuries, and today clay and ceramic roof tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Unfortunately, the traditional – and beautiful – bright-red clay colour can fade over time, and the material can crack with wide temperature variations.

Inspect and Care for Your Heritage Building Roof

Regular inspections are important for any roof, but especially for a heritage building roof. You’ll want to inspect your heritage building roof for damage at least twice a year. Spotting and fixing damage early can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

If you need a roofing repair, call in the RTM roofing experts. We specialize in commercial and residential heritage building restorations, and we have the know-how to do the job right.

We have worked on many of Canada’s most iconic heritage building restoration projects, and we take enormous pride in our work. We assess the building from roof to foundation, then bring together teams of expert craftspeople who understand the material and processes for proper restoration.

Contact Roof Tile Management, for Heritage Building Roof Repairs and Interior Restorations in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

When you need work on your heritage building roof, or are looking for experts in interior renovations like plaster restoration, the experts at Roof Tile Management are ready to take on your project.

We want to bring our expertise to your heritage restoration project. Contact Roof Tile Management to learn more about our services.

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