RTM roofing – Restoring Heritage Roofing

RTM roofing - St. John's Anglican Cathedral
RTM roofing - St. John's Anglican Cathedral

RTM roofing – Restoring Heritage Roofing

RTM roofing – restoring heritage roofing is one of our many specialties. Restoring roofing tiles like slate, terra cotta, metal and more. We have worked on historic and heritage building restoration projects across Canada. Our work includes historic masonry restoration (or heritage masonry), replacing or repairing roofing tiles and interior and exterior carpentry and plaster restoration. Whether you have a multi-year commercial project or a heritage home in need of restoring, contact Roof Tile Management – RTM Roofing – today at 289-276-6007.

Roofing Tiles – Commercial and Residential Roofing

As one of Canada’s leading interior and exterior heritage restoration contractors, we pride ourselves in our commercial and residential roofing services.

Specialty Residential Heritage Roofing – we work on a variety of roofing systems and materials. Natural slate, composite, cedar shakes, clay tile…we specialize in all types of residential roofing. In addition, we repair troughs and downspouts to protect your roof and exterior masonry.

Speciality Commercial Roofing – we completed hundreds of roofing projects spanning a range of building styles and periods.

The RTM roofing team is committed to ongoing professional development to ensure we are on top of industry best practices, roofing trends and evolving customer needs.

Building Restoration Projects Across Canada

Here are just a few of the projects we have worked on in the past 35 years:

St. John’s Anglican Cathedral – St. John’s Newfoundland – interior and exterior heritage masonry restoration, slate roofing and windows.

House of Commons Chamber – Ottawa, Ontario – restoration of stained glass windows, copper standing seam roof and heritage masonry.

St. Anne’s Church – Tecumseh, Ontario – complete exterior renovation, steeple replacement, heritage storm window restoration.

James Whalen Building – Thunder Bay, Ontario – restore old masonry, complete exterior renovation, repair and replacement of terra cotta and lead flashing.

Historic Masonry Restoration

An expert historian or restorer can learn a lot about a building from the heritage masonry. The in-house craftspeople at RTM Roofing have experience working on many historic masonry restoration jobs. When working on historic masonry restoration, it’s important to properly assess the cause of the damage and the original materials used in construction.

Damage to heritage masonry can be caused by water, poor craftsmanship, temperature changes, foundation settling, or simply the age of the materials used in the original construction.

If you don’t address the underlying cause of the damage, the restoration work will simply become damaged again. If you don’t use the right materials, the building could be damaged further.

Complete Heritage Building Restoration

From foundation to rooftop, we take pride in our work. We have seasoned professionals ready to take on any heritage building restoration job.

We offer in-house expertise. A full scaffolding division, custom sheet-metal work, custom wood and metal-clad window fabrication. Interior plasterwork, drywall, framing, electrical, plumbing and finished painting.

We fabricate molds for decorate elements. Replace decorative cast stone units. We manufacture new windows, doors, moldings and trims.

In addition, RTM offers light steel fabrication and reconstruction of ornamental metal railings. Custom manufacturing of bronze, aluminium and stainless-steel panels.

We have the right people, the right tools, and the expertise for your heritage building restoration project.

RTM Roofing: Heritage Building Restoration Experts since 1986

Founded in 1986 in response to the growing roof tile market, RTM roofing has grown to be one of Canada’s most recognized exterior and interior heritage building restoration experts.

Our highly-skilled craftspeople have the tools needed to tackle virtually any heritage building restoration job. We love our work, and we love the buildings we work on. Our experience working on heritage buildings sets us apart from general contractors. Many of our team members have been working with us since the early days.

At RTM roofing, we believe that when you bring together the best people and give them the best tools, you’ll achieve the best results. Pair that with best-in-class project management and you have a dream team for your heritage building restoration project.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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