For Heritage Building Restoration and Roof Tile Repair, Trust RTM Roofing

RTM roofing - Natural slate tile roofing
RTM roofing - Natural slate tile roofing

For Heritage Building Restoration and Roof Tile Repair, Trust RTM Roofing

At RTM Roofing, we have a passion for heritage building restoration. Roof Tile Management, specializes in roof restoration service, historic masonry restoration, and complete heritage building restoration services including woodworking, specialty commercial and residential roofing, custom sheet metal work, plaster restoration and more. If you’re looking for roof restoration companies that provide roof tile repair in Toronto and the rest of Ontario, contact Roof Tile Management today.

Historic Masonry Restoration

Roof Tile Management understands heritage masonry restoration from inside out. Did you know that when you look to restore old masonry, it’s critical to look at the inside of the building as well as the outside? Problems with leaking or excess humidity inside the house can leak into the outer brickwork. When temperatures drop, the water freezes and causes damage to your stone or brickwork.

That means that the first step when starting an historic masonry restoration job is to identify the root cause of the damage. Once that has been determined, teams of experts can begin to solve the issues, by repairing or replacing damaged brick and stone and repointing the mortar.

During the process, old mortar is carefully removed, taking care not to damage the existing brick or stone. New mortar material is then mixed and applied to fill the joints. The mortar must be carefully matched to the original material in colour, consistency and binding strength.  Trained professionals at RTM roofing are experts in repointing mortar.

Roof Restoration Companies for Roof Restoration Service

Serving Toronto, the GTA and the rest of Canada, Roof Tile Management is one the top roof restoration companies in the nation. We have worked on some of Canada’s most iconic buildings – and iconic rooftops!  We rebuilt and replaced the steeple at St. Anne’s Church in Tecumseh, Ontario with a new steel-framed steeple matching the historic look of this beautiful 1850s church. We replaced the slate roofing on the iconic St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in St. John’s Newfoundland. We restored the brilliant copper dome atop St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto and restored the copper roofing atop the House of Commons building in our nation’s capital.

We brought a love of Canadian architectural heritage, a passion for restoration and the expertise of our many teams of skilled craftspeople to each of these projects to ensure amazing outcomes.

Building Restoration Services

At RTM roofing, we have seasoned professionals and the on-site equipment to take on any heritage building restoration job. From installing stain-glass windows in the House of Commons Chamber in Ottawa to our award-winning work across the country,

We’re unique in offering a full scaffolding division, stonework, historic masonry, decorative cast replacement stonework, mold fabrication and concrete formwork. We also provide fabrication of new windows, doors, plaster and wood moldings & trim, custom metalwork, stairs and finished painting, staining and coating.

At RTM Roofing, we have the people, tools, and expertise for your heritage building restoration project

Whether you own a commercial heritage property or a striking heritage home, talk to Roof Tile Management about your building restoration needs. Our extensive experience in heritage building restoration sets RTM Roofing apart from general contractors. If you want your heritage building restoration done right, trust RTM roofing. We work hard to deliver exceptional results with every project.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve assembled a team of expert craftspeople who love their work. Plus, we provide a full suite of project management and project coordination services. In addition to our in-house team, we’re supported by our many valued contacts in the industry with a host of skills and trades.

With Roof Tile Management, virtually anything is possible. Contact us today!

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